Dear Diary – I ate a famous face at work

Life as a local editor and reporter continues in a small town. And my workweek is going great. And apparently the bosses in Kristianstad decided to treat all the new editors with a Swedish “fika” (eating cake and drinking coffee). I decided to stay at my local newspaper. That ended in me and my coworker eating a famous face. Yes, that is the truth!

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Worcation this summer means Working and touristing!

Worcation in Bromolla this summer
So my working summer has started and Mini is trying to become a housewife during the summer. He will not get that lucky because he has to photograph environmental pictures for Atelje Lyktan. However, when I got to work I found an email from a coworker in Bromölla. He’s the best because he left us a bunch of suggestions for the summer – a lot of them involve touristing and exploring!

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Slow Life in Pomorskie, Poland

Gdansk Poland
The plane touched down in Copenhagen on Saturday afternoon and we are super excited and happy with the trip! It has been amazing with a lot on the agenda. We have eaten so much food that it’s impossible to describe. We have snorted tabaka and made lavender soap and cradled bread. The fun is over for now but we have loads of information to share!

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