The beautiful Sopot Pier (Molo) – A must see!

Sopot Pier (Molo)
Have you been dreaming of going to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles? Are you living in Europe and can’t afford to go to America? No worries – go to Sopot and there you have a huge pier (without the amusement park). And you can’t but think of the Santa Monica Pier while walking out on the pier. And while walking back – you easily think of Monte Carlo!

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How to choose the right restaurant in Pomorskie

Polish Restaurant food
Sure you often find your favorite restaurants by strolling around and letting your eyes decide. However, it’s also nice to know what restaurants are worth visiting. Gdańsk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige is a year-long project that allows you to find restaurants that serve Polish and Pomeranian cuisine. All their restaurants are really good so you can choose which one you’ll like. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Sailing from Gdansk To Sopot with Premium Yachting, Poland

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot
Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia. These are part of the Tricity (trojmiasta in Polish). There are several ways to getting from one of the cities to another. We had the chance to sail from Gdansk to Sopot with Premium Yachting. We got to learn a lot about Gdansk and the sights we saw and it was a great trip. In this post, you can read all about it.    

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The Statue of Neptune and the Goldwasser

Gdask Statue of neptune
I love a good story when it comes to being a tourist. There are thousand no wait, there are millions of statues around the world. Some of them are super cool and some of them are “just” statues. In the city center of Gdansk, there is a fountain with a statue of Neptune. At first, this was “just” a statue but after hearing its story it’s worth its own post!

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Visit National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland

National maritime museum in Gdansk PolandGdansk is a town filled with water. Canals are flowing through the city center and there is a lot of connection to the water during Gdansk history. It was a very popular town because of its closeness to the waterways in Poland. Today Gdansk is flourishing town and a lot of its history have been rebuilt and made into museums. We got to visit the National Maritime Museum – Come with us.

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