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The Lighthouse of world war II in Gdansk

The Lighthouse in Gdansk
Question: Are you going to write a whole post about a lighthouse? Answer: Well Yes I am! Question: Isn’t that boring and not something you usually write about? Answer: No and yes. We usually don’t write about a lighthouse but this is not a regular nice lighthouse that you can visit while in Gdansk. This lighthouse has an amazing history and an even more amazing owner. Well worth reading!

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Osada Burego Misia – Making and trying cheese in Pomorskie, Poland

Making cheese in Poland
This is one of the greatest ideas and I hope that they stay forever and make loads of money on. I love this place and all that it stands for. This is a place where people come together and create magic! It’s a place that is mostly self-sufficient and they also make some great cheese in the. While visiting Poland you must come and buy some of their products and try out their cheese workshop.

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The beautiful Sopot Pier (Molo) – A must see!

Sopot Pier (Molo)
Have you been dreaming of going to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles? Are you living in Europe and can’t afford to go to America? No worries – go to Sopot and there you have a huge pier (without the amusement park). And you can’t but think of the Santa Monica Pier while walking out on the pier. And while walking back – you easily think of Monte Carlo!

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