Dubai does get ice cold sometimes

Chillout Lounge – an lounge made out of ice. Where? In sunny Dubai of corse. Come with us into this icy place. 

Chillout Ice Lounge – Ice bar in Dubai

Times Square Center is a shoppingcenter that you rarely hear about. And in all honesty, amongst all the shoppingcenters in Dubai this one is not one of the best. Not that many stores and nothing here to write home about… except for one thing – the Ice Lounge. This place is the one thing not to miss while going to the Times Square Center.

A one hour experience

Being the Middle Easts first Sub-zero lounge, The Chillout Ice Lounge has a lot to live up to. For the price of AED 75:- you get an hour of chilling time. Included in the price is a mug with tea, coffee or hot chocolate. We do recommend you to try the hot chocolate because that was really good. If you like you can also buy a sandwich but in all honesty – it gets very cold here.

You get the clothing

You do not need to bring your winter jacket to Dubai. They will lend you the jacket and shoes so you can come as you are. Inside you have one hour to stroll around, take pictures and enjoy your hot drink. It is not such a big place so one hour is more than enough. We thought that it was a cool place (see what I did there) but a small one. Somewhat like walking into a big freezer. The formations that are made out of the ice are amazing. But this was our first time visiting an ice lounge so that might be why we liked it so much. I have heard from other people that there are other places that are better. But like I said – we liked it!

Dubai does get ice cold

Dubai does get ice cold