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The Bone Chapel in Faro – A Very Special Place in Portugal

The bone chapel in Faro, PortugalThe Bone Chapel in Faro or Capela Dos Ossos as it is known in Portuguese is a very special place to visit. Morbid? Yes. Scary? Yes. But at the same time, it is a fascinating and amazing place. At first, you will think that you have arrived at the wrong place and that this is a regular church. But wait for it – the bone chapel is also there.

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The Lighthouse of world war II in Gdansk

The Lighthouse in Gdansk
Question: Are you going to write a whole post about a lighthouse? Answer: Well Yes I am! Question: Isn’t that boring and not something you usually write about? Answer: No and yes. We usually don’t write about a lighthouse but this is not a regular nice lighthouse that you can visit while in Gdansk. This lighthouse has an amazing history and an even more amazing owner. Well worth reading!

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