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Vodka Tasting in Poland – pub crawl!

Vodka tasting in Gdansk, Poland
”The Polish (like the Russians) drink their vodka like other drink water”. That is an assumption that is often heard. And I believe that there is more vodka sold in Poland than in other countries. So what’s better than to have a vodka tasting while in Poland? We got to take part in one while in Gdansk. This is our experience!

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The Lighthouse of world war II in Gdansk

The Lighthouse in Gdansk
Question: Are you going to write a whole post about a lighthouse? Answer: Well Yes I am! Question: Isn’t that boring and not something you usually write about? Answer: No and yes. We usually don’t write about a lighthouse but this is not a regular nice lighthouse that you can visit while in Gdansk. This lighthouse has an amazing history and an even more amazing owner. Well worth reading!

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How to choose the right restaurant in Pomorskie

Polish Restaurant food
Sure you often find your favorite restaurants by strolling around and letting your eyes decide. However, it’s also nice to know what restaurants are worth visiting. Gdańsk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige is a year-long project that allows you to find restaurants that serve Polish and Pomeranian cuisine. All their restaurants are really good so you can choose which one you’ll like. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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The Statue of Neptune and the Goldwasser

Gdask Statue of neptune
I love a good story when it comes to being a tourist. There are thousand no wait, there are millions of statues around the world. Some of them are super cool and some of them are “just” statues. In the city center of Gdansk, there is a fountain with a statue of Neptune. At first, this was “just” a statue but after hearing its story it’s worth its own post!

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