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Must visit in Poznan – The Croissant Museum

The Croissant MuseumThey call it the Poznan Croissant Museum. I’m not sure if a museum is the right word for this place. More like the experience! The St. Martin Croissants are super unique and special. In fact, they are so special that they are protected. Yes, they are legally protected – not only in Poland but in all of the EU. Come with us to the Poznan Croissant Museum, or Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania, as it is called in Poland.

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Visit National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland

National maritime museum in Gdansk PolandGdansk is a town filled with water. Canals are flowing through the city center and there is a lot of connection to the water during Gdansk history. It was a very popular town because of its closeness to the waterways in Poland. Today Gdansk is flourishing town and a lot of its history have been rebuilt and made into museums. We got to visit the National Maritime Museum – Come with us.

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