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Beer tasting at Lech Brewery in Poznan

Beer tasting at Lech brewery in Poznan
Did you know that beer contains 95 percent water? Well neither did we but after a visit to the Lech Brewery in Poznan, Poland we feel somewhat like experts when it comes to beer. The tour takes you into the brewery and you learn a lot – even if they leave some secrets to themselves. Like just allowing us to take pictures at one place!

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Must visit in Poznan – The Croissant Museum

The Croissant MuseumThey call it the Poznan Croissant Museum. I’m not sure if a museum is the right word for this place. More like the experience! The St. Martin Croissants are super unique and special. In fact, they are so special that they are protected. Yes, they are legally protected – not only in Poland but in all of the EU. Come with us to the Poznan Croissant Museum, or Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania, as it is called in Poland.

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